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Dear Fellow Speaker,

If you’ve ever dreamed of attending the most successful professional speaking workshop in the history of the industry, The Bill Gove Speech Workshop, you and I are kindred spirits. I was lucky enough to attend in 1996, and it was the turning point in my career, just as it has been for many of the biggest names in the business since 1947. My speaking fee went from $500 to $5,000 dollars in 13 months following the workshop, and eventually climbed to $10,000. Whatever success I’ve had stemmed from what I learned in the 3 days I spent at the Bill Gove Speech Workshop. It literally changed my business…and my life.

The $4,000 ticket price is the best investment you will ever make in your speaking career, HOWEVER…

If you’re short on cash and long on desire, I have an exciting alternative for you: The Bill Gove Speech Seminar. This 6 DVD program includes over 50 years of content, direct from the vault of the world-famous Bill Gove Speech Workshop. (At less than 1/3 of the price)

I don’t want to mislead you. You’re not going to get the same benefits out of the 6 DVD’s that you will by attending the live workshop for 3 days. There’s simply no substitute for the world-class coaching you’ll receive at the workshop. BUT… if you’re just getting started and you aren’t sure you’re ready to invest 3 days and $4,000, this album is your best bet.

Here are some of the things you will learn:

  • How to write and catalog speeches like a professional speaker
  • The support secret that professional speakers use to relax before every speech.
  • How to use theatrical techniques in your presentation
  • The magic fraternity house delivery style that never fails
  • The world-famous Gove Grasp that pulls in any audience like a magnet
  • How to integrate humor in ANY speech
  • How to use one-liners that will work with every audience
  • How to use geographical transitions your audiences will love
  • How to use personal stories that will connect with your audience immediately
  • What to do if you go blank on stage
  • The pressure-proofing system that will end stage fright… forever
  • Three magic elements every speech must have to be considered world-class
  • Speech module development - the AA formula that never fails
  • The difference between material written to be read and material written to be heard
  • Captivating gestures that will hold any audience spellbound
  • The anti-bombing strategy that destroys the mortal enemy of every speaker
  • The Mark Twain technique of handcrafting every speech
  • Bill Gove’s famous pivot maneuver that will help you connect with your audience
  • Stage movement that showcases your every word
  • The grand prix racing vocalization technique
  • The pause, scan and nod…and why it works
  • The secret of the world's best speakers: getting the audience out of the way
  • The best time to speak during a meeting…and the worst
  • Why you are responsible to the audience and not for them
  • Why the audience wants you to do well
  • Why the best speakers see themselves as show people
  • How to find more speech material than you can possibly use
  • How to create your speeches with passion…BUT deliver them with skill
  • The two tools you must own to develop your skills
  • The difference between a speech, seminar, and workshop…and why you want to do all three
  • The amazing keyword note system…and why the pros use it
  • Why "lightening up" always works
  • How to develop a funny consciousness
  • The four most dangerous words a speaker should never repeat
  • The secret to getting a good introduction every time you speak
  • The magic of mental preparation before every speech
  • The incredible audience response measurement system…and how to use it to virtually guarantee how any audience will respond to you.
  • How to use a time line continuum to gage the effectiveness of your speech
  • How to use call backs to add humor and fun to your presentation
  • And much more.

This 6 DVD set is loaded with so much content you will have to view it numerous times to digest it all. Over 50 years of the best speaking and speech writing skills in the profession.

If you’re serious about public speaking, or building a career as a fee paid professional speaker, this may be the opportunity you’ve been looking for 57 years of information on 6 DVD’s for only $997. It would take you YEARS to learn all of this material by trial and error…or you could simply invest in this program and learn it over the course of a couple of days, and have it on DVD to be able to review over and over again.


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Whatever road you decide to take, I want to wish you the very best of luck.

Steve Siebold, CSP
Gove-Siebold Group, Inc.
Boynton Beach, Florida

P.S. Be sure to check out and have a look at the incredible list of graduates of the Bill Gove Speech Workshop. You’ll get a kick out of it. It’s the who’s who of the professional speaking industry. Are you next?

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